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The information on this page needs to be updated to reflect the current status of AniDB.
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What is the problem?

When adding files from groups that release RAWs, you should make sure that the group that released it really is the originator of the file; a lot of times, RAW groups merely download a file via winny or share and redistribute it via torrent. This is not enough in AniDBs opinion to give them credit for the file: since any other RAW group, or any other person for that matter could do the exact same thing. Some RAW groups like leet-raws go through a rigid quality control and tries to find the very best version of a file distributed via winny or share, and view their tags as a sort of quality-assurance; this is still not enough to credit them in AniDBs opinion, just mark the quality as better than the other versions if there are significant differences. If you know who released the file originally, then you should add their name to the file. l33t-raws has in the past been good enough to provide a list of who originally released their files via winny or share, but I am not sure what their current policy is. Some RAW groups do release their own raws, and those should be credited, but it can sometimes be a hassle to figure out which RAW group to trust in this manner. This page should provide a list of who you should credit and who you in general should not.

List of RAW groups

This list is by no means complete, and we ask you to please consider adding names to the list if you come across one; even if you do not know whether they make their own raws or not, add them to unknown, or make a comment in the forum.

Credit these RAW groups (sometimes)

Don't credit these RAW groups

  • l33t-raws
  • darkside-raws
  • eureka
  • Freelance-Raws
  • HI-RAW
  • Quantum-Raws
  • Saiei
  • sukebe hentai
  • x-raws


  • DVD-RAW (?)
  • YuME-Raws
  • WGR
  • k66zm
  • moyism (?)
  • YeyRAWs

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