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==features that won't be implemented==
==features that won't be implemented==
* manga tags
* "Censored"/"Uncensored" flags for manga files if manga is "18+ restricted"
* "Censored"/"Uncensored" flags for manga files if manga is "18+ restricted"

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- Pressing the + next to a group status record doesn't fold out the releases in the elementslist. It does focus to where it should. eg. http://devint.anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=manga&mangaid=7&gid=10952#elementlist

missing features

  • ISBN numbers
  • calendar
  • manga recommendations
    • "add recommendation" node in contribution tab
  • latest2
  • message system add manga specific bits
  • anime-manga rels
    • a way to find/add characters from the related entry
  • episode-chapter rels (Example: http://www.dctp.ws/DC_Subbed_List.pdf)
  • crons
    • mkrestrictedcat.pl
    • mkgraphs.pl
    • calcuserstats-new.pl
    • calcgroupstats.pl
  • character mass-edit
  • assing char to element (like the feature we have for episodes: http://devint.anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=ep&eid=1146)

features that won't be implemented

  • "Censored"/"Uncensored" flags for manga files if manga is "18+ restricted"

mylist feats

  • userstattb
  • listtb
  • listcachetb
  • userwishtb
  • usernotifytb
  • userlist (element/file filter)


  • file mass add inverse ids?


  • mass add/edit mangaelements misses support for other languages