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So I was editing the page (I wanted to just move it to give it a less terrible title but I figured it wasn't enough after all) and two things stuck out like sore thumbs. I added {{discussarticle}} to get them looked at, so yeah. Any feedback will be much appreciated.

Issue 1

The colour coding is the same as on the detailed file info page.

This means:

  • blue = users having that file in their MyList
  • black = users who deleted that file
  • black(italic) = users with state unknown

This color coding does not seem to be in active use in my end. I removed that from the page for now since it seems outdated, oddly out of place, but saved it here for future reference, at least while I don't figure out whether it's outdated/deprecated and safe to nuke for good.

Issue 2

These values are not generated automatically!

What does that even mean? They are automatically generated from users' list stats, right? Anyway, given I don't know what that is supposed to mean, I'm leaving it untouched for now.

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