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# If there is no official title for that language, use a translation of the official title from the production language (JP/KO/ZH).
# '''For English language main titles only''': If there is also no official title in the production language, use the following scheme:
## TV series main episodes: use Use "Episode XX" where XX is the number of the episode.## OVA and OAD main episodes: use Use "OVA"/"OAD" if there is only one volume, otherwise use "Volume XX".
## Movies main episodes: "Complete Movie" if there is only one, "Movie XX" if there are more than one.
## Web series main episodes: Use "Web" if there is only one episode, otherwise use "Episode XX". "Short Movie", "Complete Movie", can also be used for Web releases as appropriate.
## Music Videos main episodes: Use "Music Video" if there is only one episode, otherwise use "Episode XX".
## S episodes: Use the default "Special XX" title format title.
## C/T episodes: See the type-specific section for in-depth guidance.


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