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→‎Episode Title: generalized non-production language titling policy to apply to all non-production languages
* Do not include the anime title in the episode title. The anime title is an "anime title", and therefore not an "episode title" and not to be included as any portion of any episode title; anime titles are stored in the anime entry. This applies to all episode types, and all languages.
===English Title General GuidanceNon-Production Language Episode Titling Policies===These basic principles apply only to any language titles other than the original production lanague (e.g. English episode , French, Spanish titles, etc.):* # Check the official page these sources, in order, to see if it there is licensed, with an English official title availablefor the language in question:## The video from an official licensed source for that language.## The official website, if any.## The tertiary official sources like the DVD/Blu-ray back cover, if any. # If it there is notno official title for that language, use a translation of the romajiofficial title from the production language (JP/kanji titleKO/ZH).* # '''For English language main titles only''': If neither are availablethere is also no official title in the production language, use the following scheme:## TV series main episodes: use "Episode XX" where XX is the number of the episode. For OVAs## OVA and OAD main episodes: use "OVA"/"OAD" if there is only one volume, otherwise use "Volume XX".## Movies main episodes: "Complete Movie" if there is only one, "Movie XX" if there are more than one.## Web series main episodes: Use "Web" if there is only one episode, otherwise use "Episode XX". "Short Movie", "Complete Movie", can also be used for Web releases as appropriate.## Music Videos main episodes: Use "Music Video" if there is only one episode, otherwise use "Episode XX".## S episodes: Use the default "Special XX" format title.## C/T episodes: See the type-specific section for in-depth guidance.
===Stylized Episode Numbers===


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