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==Episode Name (== ===English)Title General Guidance===* Check the official page if it's is licensed, if with an English title available. If it's is not , use a translation of the romaji/kanji title.<br>* If you have neither are available, use: "Episode XX" where XX is the number of the episode. For OVAs, use "Volume XX".
===Stylized Episode Numbers===
Episode "namestitles" such as "Operation 9", "File #002" or "XYZ第一話" or "ABCの第三話" etc. are considered to be stylised episode numbers rather than episode titles.
* When they prepend the main episode title, do not add them or their transcriptions/translations to the title.
* When they appear standalone as the only thing in the episode title, use the default "Episode XX" or "Volume XX" naming convention instead.
==="Prologue" and "00" Episodes(For English Titles)===
When it comes to episodes that are numbered as "Prologue" or "00", unless there is a "clear indication" that an "episode 0" should NOT be considered as the first episode of the regular airing sequence, an episode 0 will be considered episode 1 on AniDB, as it is the first aired episode.
===Guidance for T episodes===
T episodes include PV (preview), CM (commercial), Trailer, etc. (non-exhaustive list); essentially, anything that generally serves the purpose of promoting an anime is a T episode. Generally, T episode naming guidance is as follows:
* If available, provide the Japanese T episode name title '''in full'''.
** For example: A PV posted on the official website (directly embedded, linked to YouTube or some other video service, etc.) would have an official title from the producer/distributor as written on the website (preferred) or as provided in the video's name or title card.
** For example: A web PV posted on the official YouTube would have an official title from the producer/distributor
** Do not include extraneous bits in the title, such as "- Netflix", that are metadata not part of the actual functional title of the PV.
* If a Japanese name title is given, transcribe it '''in full'''.* For the English nametitle, the general naming convention is as follows: <<Type>> <<#>> (<<Length>>): <<Description>> - <<Sub-description>>
** Type: type of T episode, e.g. PV, CM, trailer, web PV, BD/DVD CM, etc. (non-exhaustive list). More descriptive terms are preferred, but terms should still be kept as short as practicable (e.g. do not expand "BD/DVD CM" to "blu-ray and DVD commercial").
** #: number the various T episodes based on airing order, for each type. For example, if the anime has 3 PV and 4 CM, number them PV 1, PV 2, PV 3, CM 1, CM 2, CM 3, CM 4.


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