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→‎Guidance for T episodes: Refinement of the T episode policy as per CDB's comments at
===Guidance for T episodes===
T episodes include PV (preview), CM (commercial), Trailer, etc. (non-exhaustive list); essentially, anything that generally serves the purpose of promoting an anime is a T episode. Generally, T episode naming guidance is as follows:* If available, provide the Japanese T episode name'''in full'''. ** For example: A PV posted on the official website (directly embedded, a linked to YouTube or some other video service, etc.) would have an official title from the producer/distributor as written on the website (preferred) or as provided in the video's name or title card.** For example: A web PV posted on the official YouTube would have an official title from the producer/distributor** Do not include extraneous bits in the title, such as "- Netflix", that are metadata not part of the actual functional title of the PV.* If a Japanese name is given, transcribe it'''in full'''.* For the English name, the general naming convention is as follows: <<Type>> <<#>> (<<Length>>) : <<Description>> - <<Sub-description>>** Type: type of T episode, ie e.g. PV, CM, trailer, web PV, BD/DVD CM, etc. (non-exhaustive list). More descriptive terms are preferred, but terms should still be kept as short as practicable (e.g. do not expand "BD/DVD CM" to "blu-ray and DVD commercial").** #: number the various T episodes based on airing order, for each type. For example, if there's the anime has 3 PV and 4 CM, number them PV 1, PV 2, PV 3, CM 1, CM 2, CM 3, CM 4.** Length: provide the length in (m:ss) format. For example (1:36), (12:35). Given that most T episodes don't do not have formal titles, the '''exact''' length helps to track the T episodes, as it's is otherwise very difficult to tell the T episodes apart.* Whenever possible, try to add a short and uniquely identifiable description of the shown content to the Note field of the episode, especially if that trailer or commercial is not available on the Internet. Good descriptions help immensely with identifying files from different releases whose labeling and ordering doesn't does not match with other releases or our episodes.
Example: {{short|e185514|<nowiki>PV 5 (24:00): Public Anniversary Special</nowiki>}}


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