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→‎"Prologue" and "00" Episodes: indent and add guidance on T episodes
For reference, the original discussion on AniDB's moderator IRC channel can be found [ here], along with follow-up comments [ here].
'''When =====-- In Summary: when an "episode 0" is considered as episode 1 on AniDB:'''=====
* An episode note should be added to provide a brief description. For example: "Listed as Episode 00"
* We will apply the following episode title naming convention, to make it explicit that it is an "episode 0":
Represents our general title naming convention of:
Main_ep_title: sub_title - sub_sub_title</pre>
====Guidance for T episodes====
T episodes include PV (preview), CM (commercial), Trailer, etc; essentially, anything that generally serves the purpose of promoting an anime is a T episode. Generally, T episode naming guidance is as follows:
* If available, provide the Japanese T T episode name. For example, a web PV posted on the official YouTube would have an official title from the producer/distributor.
* If a Japanese name is given, transcribe it.
* For the English name, the general naming convention is as follows: <<Type>> <<#>> (<<Length>>) <<Description>>
** Type: type of T episode, ie PV, CM
** #: number the various T episodes based on airing order, for each type. For example, if there's 3 PV and 4 CM, number them PV 1, PV 2, PV 3, CM 1, CM 2, CM 3, CM 4.
** Length: provide the length in (m:ss) format. For example (1:36), (12:35). Given that most T episodes don't have formal titles, the '''exact''' length helps to track the T episodes, as it's otherwise very difficult to tell the T episodes apart.
Example: {{short|e185514|<nowiki>PV 05 (24:00): Sword Art Online the Movie -Ordinal Scale- Public Anniversary Special</nowiki>)}}
The general naming convention is not universal. Use some discretion for special cases. Examples:
* A lot of easily identifiable information is given: {{short|170347|<nowiki>CM Ep 11 and 12 (aka 23 & 24) (19 sec) (#23�番宣CM)</nowiki>}}
* Feature length PV, PV with a full TV title, etc: {{short|183603|<nowiki>Arpeggio Movie #2 "Cadenza " Public Special Commemorative Program First 20 Minutes Release!! (Gekijouban Arpeggio Dai 2 Dan "Cadenza" Koukai Kinen Tokubetsu Bangumi Boutou 20 Bundai Koukai!! / 劇場版アルペジオ第2弾『Cadenza』公開記念特別番組 冒頭20分大公開!!)</nowiki>}}
===Play Length===


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