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Anison is a japanese '''Ani'''me '''Son'''gDB AniDB wants you to use when adding Songs or Collections.
==Where do I find Anison?==
The [ Original Page] is a bit messy and makes people who aren't familiar with Japanese click around quite a lot before finding this [ about.html page], which is the one we "offer" on the add templates.  
==I have no idea what the page tells me...==
That's no problem because that's what this pretty wiki page is here for. To explain to you - the willing user - how to use Anison with its features you may not know of.
| OP
| オープニング
| Oopeningu Oopuningu / Opening
| Opening
| marked song's been an opening song
| IN
| 挿入歌
| Sounyuu Utauta / Sounyuuka
| Insert Song
| marked song's been played in an Anime at some point as an insert song
| IM
| イメージソング
| Imeeji Songu songu / Image Songsong
| Image Song
| marked song's been written for the Anime / with the Anime in mind and didn't actually show up in the Anime (!!rare cases say different!!)
| TM
| テーマソング(OP,ED分類が不明の時等に使用)
| Teema Songu songu / Theme Song song (OP, ED Bunrui bunrui ga Fumei fumei no Tokira tokira ni Shiyoushiyou)
| Theme Song (OP, ED Category gets used sometimes)
| A theme song is either a repeated theme for a character or for the Anime itself but can also be the opening or ending song of a movie (and gets just called Theme Song).
| AR
| アレンジ曲・カバー曲など
| Arenji / Arranged Kiyoku kyoku - Kabaa / Cover Kiyoku Nadokyoku nado
| Arranged Piece of Music / Cover Piece of Music and similiar
| marked song's instrumental or a cover of another song
| CF
| 番組関連のCMで使用された曲
| Bangumi Kanren kanren no CM de Shiyousareta Kiyokushiyousareta kyoku
| Piece of Music that's used in TV related Commercials
| -
| GE
| 一般曲(アニメ系タイアップのない曲)
| Ippan Kiyoku kyoku (Anime Kei Taiappu kei taiappu / Type tie-up no nai Kiyokukyoku)| normal/ordinary piece of music (they type that's not been used with an Anime relation)no direct ties to any anime entries
| marked song hasn't been used for an Anime (but is still listed in Anison)
| KK
| 番組摘要の企画ものと同一の意味<br>同名の番組が存在し、企画物の曲がある場合、OP/ED分類でKKとし、番組を増やさずに対応している事もあります
| Bangumi Tekiyou tekiyou no Kikakumono kikakumono to Douitsu douitsu no Imi imi - Doumyou no Bangumi bangumi ga Sonzaishisonzaishi, Kikakumono kikakumono no Kiyoku kyoku ga Aru Baaiaru baai, OP/ED Bunrui bunrui de KK Toshitoshi, Bangumi bangumi o Zouya Sazuni Taioushiteiru Koto fuyasazu ni taioushiteiru koto mo Arimasuarimasu
====Results or "It seems Anison found something but I have no idea what the fields mean!?"====
If your search was successful Anison will you show you a little table with more than just one clickable field. Let's take [[ Asterisk]], one of [[ Bleach]]'s Opening Songs as a reference for explaining the different search results of each search method.
{{Eyecatch|1|Hint 5|Nearly all columns are sortable, just click on them to find out}}
=====Results for 作品=====
There are three columns: ジャンル (Genre), 作品名 (Sakuhin'na - Production Name) and 放映年 (Houei Nen - Broadcasting Year). <br>
The '''Genre''' column gives you for example:
* テレビアニメーション (Television Animation)- TV anime* オリジナルビデオアニメーション (Original Video Animation) - OVA* 劇場用アニメーション (Theater Animation)- Movie
* ゲーム (Game)
* ラジオ (Radio)
-- Now just click on the correct link and you will be sent to Anison's Anime Page --
=====Results for 曲=====
This time we insert the song's name "*~アスタリスク~" in the search field and get a table with this time five columns:
This page is the most important page for people that want to add whole collections.<br>
The page lists at first the collection's name, though it's not always being used as a whole!
{{Eyecatch|1|Hint 7|Anison likes to list "Collection Name/InterpretPerformer" - like in this case "Asterisk / Orange Range", of course only the first part is needed when adding collections to AniDB.}}
What follows is a one-line-table. The reddish fields are the contents, the yellow ones the information. In our example it's like this:
As an extra Anison links to the website's specific collection entry. Here you can find for example a better picture for the upload and the complete tracklist (in 99% of the cases).<br>
For our case it shows you that there's indeed a 4th track, that's not listed on Anison: <br>
4. *~アスタリスク~(ロマンティックVer.) --> Asterisk (Romantic Version). So never trust Anison that it lists all songs and better check other (valid!!) sources, as we of course want only complete collections added.
====People/Band/Performer Pages====


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