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Whenever you clicked before on your desired link, you landed on another different page, which was more specific for your needs. But the language still didn't change...
====Anime Page====
[[Image:Anison anime page (bleach).png]]
The first two tables are uninteresting. The first tells you the series name, the second one informs about airing. For OVAs it would inform you about the release date of the DVDs.
What's important is the third table, but not all of it for now.<br>
* '''OP/ED'''
* '''曲名'''
* 歌手
* 作詞
* 作曲
* 編曲
The first column OP/ED specifies the usage of the song, the legend explanation from above shall be helpful here.<br>
The second column is again the name of the piece of music.<br>
The other 4 columns tell you about the staff, Singer, lyricist, composer and arranger. These you will find in a better (copyable) manner on the song's page.
====Song Page====
[[Image:Anison song page (asteristk).png]]This must be the most imortant page for those who only want to add songs. All three tables are useful.<br>=====The first Table=====Album This one simply shows you the staff. * 担当 (Tantou) - "in charge of:"* 名前 (Namae) - Name{{Eyecatch|1|Hint 6|Instead of leaving it out, Anison sometimes has "(インスト)" put next to the singer. That translates to "instrumental" and means that the song has no singer. Of course that's a staff "member" you can easily forget about.}}=====The second Table=====Consists of:* メディア (Media)* 型番 (Catalog Number)* タイトル (Title)* 収録トラック (Recording Track)* 発売日 (First Selling Date)* 価格(税抜) (Price (tax excluded))This table shows you on which collections this one song can be found. When you're looking for the collection, the third column is your friend. From here you will reach the Collection page.=====The third Table=====使用作品 can be translated as "used in:" once again.* ジャンル (Genre)* タイトル (Title)* OP/ED (OP/ED) This one is similar to the search results from 曲 (Kiyoku). The only change is that it doesn't show information on other songs that have the same string as a part of the name, but only for this one song. This specific page here tells you that the song Asterisk has been used for the TV Bleach as an Opening (Opening 1 to be specific) and for the Game Bleach: Hit the Soul as an Opening. This table will also inform you, if a song wasn't in an Anime at all. This would look like:[[Image:Unused song.png]]====Collection Page====[[Image:Anison collection page (asterisk).png]]
====People/Band/Performer Pages====
[[Image:Anison performer page (orange range).png]]


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