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* The anime As things are right now the sub forums are for a release, anime or group rarely useduses more than one thread, just the default "comments" threadone. This is because things are so obfuscated** An approach where I thought of scanning each post for links are scanned and then paired with series or groups might be in placesuch as [*** This allows discussions about several pl?show=anime and &aid=1]. It will find out that the thread is still found easily.*** It brings contains a discussion likely to be related to the anime ''Crest of the database and forum closer togetherStars''.*** That relation will be added in a special thread relation table, ''threadreltb(id, threadid, type=group,anime,producer,etc., linksto=1337, date, uid)'' might or similar. Type of relation will be a possible approachanime and id will be 1.*** I donNow that thread will be displayed when the forum tab at Crest of the Stars't know whether this will have a performance impact or notanime page is clicked.
* Some way to include anime info in a post automatically. Such as an image, title, airing dates, episodes, rating, etc.
--[[User:Antennen|Antennen]] 1516:4220, 24 25 November 2008 (UTC)


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