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This page's content should be accurate with Anidb's features, unless otherwise specified. However I'm a lazy fuck and someone else will have to make the page look clean. And that someone is YOU. Get to work now. PRESERVE SECTION NAMES as those might be used in links. Reordering them is fine though.
When this article's rewriting is done, this message will be removed.

This place contains graphs related to the data in your Mylist

Note These statistics are not updated real time, see Routine Maintenance.

Vote Distribution

Pie chart of how many of each vote you have cast. NEEDS IMAGE OF CHART

AniDB in MyList

Pie chart of how much of AniDB you have in your list. NEEDS IMAGE OF CHART

MyList States

Pie chart of your Mylist file states. NEEDS IMAGE OF CHART

MyList History

Chart showing how the amount of files and watched files in your list has grown. NEEDS IMAGE OF CHART