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The internal change log for Chii; it is not specifically meant to be useful for users, but you may be able to extract some information from it.

(Read from top to bottom inside dated sections, or in any order you like really although, for example, right to left or spiralling outwards is unlikely to make much sense.)


  • Emergency fix for !voteg <group name>


  • mylist: Fixed spurious "mixed" status
  • Don't mark files (un)watched when they already are, thus preserving the viewed/update date.
  • !vote(tmp): adjustable granularity, round instead of throwing syntax errors on input which doesn't match said granularity and (multiple) space tolerance.
  • !votetmp: don't automatically override a permanent vote; 10/10 AniDB users think this makes no sense and I'm one of them.
  • !vote*: better revote messages (can just be pasted to cast vote)
  • !addfile, !remove: fix subtle parse error because of optional space before group, as shown by groups like this: <DerIdiot> !addfile gokujou seitokai 20 3wa w
  • !addfile, !remove: whitespace insensitivity outside of anime title and case insensitive "last"
  • New version information.
  • !mylist: don't strip (back)quotes from the input entirely, also whitespace tolerance
  • !addfile, !a4g, !file, !group, !remove, !voteg: prefer case match for groups. (Doesn't actually affect the !file family yet because they don't even try when they find multiple groups.)
  • !addfile, !remove: small mistake in parsing changes fixed (affects single letter anime requests, although there are only a handful in the DB)
  • !mylist: removed spurious quote in syntax