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This page lists areas of future development which are currently open for discussion. If you want to help improve AniDB, add your feedback!
==== Checklist for major updates ====
* Site (exp, antennen, fahrenheit, pelican, rar, deridiot, ommina, worf)
** [[CSS ]] (deridiot)
** JS (fahrenheit)
** Reports (deridiot, worf)
** Mylist Export [[MyList export]] (fahrenheit)
* Bots (exp)
** Chii[AR] (deridiot, pelican, worf)
** Lafiel[AR] (deridiot, ommina)
* API/Services
** [[UDP_API UDP API]] (ommina)
** TCP API (exp)
** Jabber Service (exp)
** RSS/Atom (antennen)
* Supported Clients
** [[AOM]] (petriw, deprecated)** [[WebAOM]] (-, deprecated)** [[AvdumpAniAdd]] (Arokh)** [[Avdump2]] (-)
The [[URI_DEVURI DEV|current URI]] is a grown system which in it's current state is inconsistent and features unneccessary unnecessary data. A shorter and featurericher feature-richer URI would be desireabledesirable. Furthermore a standarized parsing layer would reduce possible problems and remove redundant code.
The [[AniDB:Markup|markup]] has stabilized over the past year and is relatively consistent now. No major changes are planned. Minor changes can be requested [[AniDB_talkAniDB talk:Markup|here]]. Partly documented.
====Page generation====
Still mostly print-generation, but many of the commonly used markup structures has functions at least. The major hold-up is the [{{t|524 |table-writer] }} which is essential before any code validity guaranties can be given. No documentation.
====Data control====
Wanted, but no concrete plans yet.
:''Is this the internationalisation part?''' -- [[User:Ninjamask|Ninjamask]] 05:34, 27 January 2008 (CET)''
:''well to some extend it is. It's the second step of that. The firts first is to get the text out so it's easier to maintain, but yes in a second step we could allow multiple languages''' -- [[User:Der_IdiotDer Idiot|Der Idiot]] 16:33, 29 January 2008 (CET)'' ====XVCL transition====Partly-mostly done?
====Error handling====
====Code documentation====
None atmATM.
===Specific parts===
Most importantly: fix type implementation. [{{t|691 |More...]}}
====MylistMyList====Fix scrolling, more filters, fix direct link. [{{t|692 |More...]}}
For more discussion on future mylist MyList enhancements, see: [[MyList_DEVMyList DEV]]
==New Development==
===CSS Themes===
* Details: [[AniDB:CSS_stylesCSS styles|current styles]] ([[AniDB:CSS Dev|dev]]), [[AniDB:Page_layoutPage layout|layout]], [[AniDB:Markup|markup]] ([[AniDB:Markup_DEVMarkup DEV|dev]])
* Timeframe: open-ended
* Phase: we've got some, but we could use some more :o)
===Signature Server===
* Documentation: [[SigServer]]
* Development Details: [[SigServer_DEV]]
* Timeframe: IMPLEMENTED
* Phase: Maintenance/Improvement
* Language: PHP
* Main Contact: antennen
===Character DB===
* Details: [[CharDB_DEVCharDB DEV]]
* Timeframe: IMPLEMENTED
* Phase: Pre-releaseMaintenance/Improvement
* Language: Perl
* Main Contact: DerIdiot, nwa, worf, fahrenheit
===OST DB===
* Details: [[OstDB_DEVOstDB DEV]]* Timeframe: long termbasic version implemented, MyList and audio fingerprint support still outstanding* Phase: RequirementsMaintenance/Improvement * Language: ?Perl + other languages for clients* Main Contact: ?Der Idiot, Ommina
===Manga DB===
* Details: [[MangaDB_DEVMangaDB DEV]]* Timeframe: open (very long mid term)
* Phase: Requirements
* Language: ?Perl* Main Contact: ?Der Idiot
====Generic Person/Company Handling====
* Details: [[Generic_PersonCompany_DEVGeneric PersonCompany DEV]]* Timeframe: IMPLEMENTED* Phase: Maintenance/Improvement* Language: Perl* Main Contact: Der Idiot ====Anime Release Handling====* Details: [[Animerelease_DEV]]* Timeframe: open (short term)* Phase: Requirements* Language: Perl* Main Contact: Der Idiot
====Maintenance Tasks - Performance Improvements====
* Details: [[Maintenance_DEVMaintenance DEV]]
==Open for Improvement==
===UDP API===
* Additional: [ UDP API Development Forum Thread]
* Timeframe: IMPLEMENTED
* Phase: Maintenance/Improvement
* Language: Java
* Main Contact: Ommina
===UDP API===
* Details: [[HTTP API]]
* Timeframe: IMPLEMENTED
* Phase: Maintenance/Improvement
* Language: Java
* Main Contact: EXP
===Signature Server===
* Documentation: [[SigServer]]
* Development Details: [[SigServer DEV]]
* Timeframe: IMPLEMENTED
* Phase: Maintenance/Improvement
* Language: PHP
* Main Contact: antennen
* Language: Perl
* Main Contact: pelican, DerIdiot, worf
===IRC Bot - Lafiel[AR]===
* Details: [[IRC:Lafiel]]
* Timeframe: IMPLEMENTED
* Phase: Maintenance
* Language: Java
* Main Contact: DerIdiot, Ommina


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